Stones of Avebury

Avebury is a village in the county of Wiltshire in England known for containing a significant number of ancient monuments. The most famous monument is the Avebury Stone Circle.

Avebury Stone Circle is the world's largest stone circle, comprising of other monuments within it, including a cove and two stone circles. The stone circle is located inside the henge that encircles part of Avebury village.

Some stones at Avebury have names and these names are based on the stories that are related to the stones. Most of the stones are part of the stone circles. But two of them form a stone setting that is believed to be older than the stone circles.


This stone got its name from a naturally formed seat on one side of the stone. Directly above the seat is a hole known as "chimney". Legend has it that if you run around the stone anti-clockwise, you will summon the Devil.


The Ring Stone is a broken piece of stone once smashed by an enraged church minister. The stone got its name because it had a hole in it when it was still one of the standing stones that formed the circle. In these days, the stone is used as an altar for handfasting ceremonies.


The Vulva Stone used to form a pair with another stone called Obelisk. They were associated with fertility. Unfortunately, the Obelisk was broken up and removed in the past. But the Fertility Stone still stands in the Southern Inner Circle.


The Barber Stone got its name because a skeleton was found beneath it, whilst it was being re-erected during restorations of the stone circle. It's believed that the man was a barber-surgeon, based on the items discovered with him: three silver coins, as well as a pair of iron scissors and an iron probe.


The Swindon Stone got its name because it stands incredibly close to the road that heads to Swindon. This massive stone is also known as the Diamond Stone because of its unique shape.


The Cove is a stone setting situated within the Northern inner circle. Only 2 of the 3 original stones remain standing. It's believed that these stones stood before the stone circles were constructed.


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