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Ancient Healing Stones of England

For a long time it has been assumed that magnetic anomalies exist at certain ancient sites. These sites include stone circles, monoliths and megalithic structures. The ancient people knew how to harness the energies of the earth. They constructed megalithic sites that would attract ground currents and turn the sites into places with powerful energies. The locations for these megalithic sites were not chosen at random. They were constructed nearby or above sources of primary water. Water and stones together act as powerful energy conductors between the heavens, the atmosphere and the surface and depths of the earth. That's why most of the ancient megalithic sites and standing stones were deliberately placed and aligned in order to conduct these electro-magnetic currents. The stones store and generate energy fields and released them in the surrounded area.  This energy would be enhanced by the choice of the stone, usually stones rich in quartz. Depending on the type of stones, they c