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The Plague Stones of England: A Sobering Reminder of a Bygone Era

Plague stones are found across England, and are usually in the form of hollowed-out stones or boulders. These stones are relics of the medieval plagues, and were used as a way to try to prevent the spread of disease. During the plague, people were terrified of catching the disease. They believed that it was contagious, and that it could be spread through contact with infected people or objects. Plague stones were placed along roads and at parish boundaries. They were filled with vinegar or another disinfectant, and people would place coins in the hollows. The idea was that people could buy food and other goods from outsiders without having to come into direct contact with them. Plague stones were also used to mark the graves of plague victims. This was done to help prevent people from accidentally disturbing the graves and spreading the disease. Today, plague stones are a sobering reminder of a bygone era. They are a testament to the fear and suffering that people endured during the pl