Coate Stone Circle

Coate Stone Circle is a partly visible stone circle containing five recumbent sarsen stones. The monument was one of at least seven stone circles that are known to have been erected in the area south of Swindon.

Based on his observations in the 1890s, the antiquarian A. D. Passmore suggested that the circle would have once contained over thirty stones. He recorded nine stones surviving as part of the circle, but by the 21st century there were only five.

Passmore also recorded a line of five stones leading towards the circle, which might have represented an avenue similar to West Kennet Avenue in Avebury.

It's believed that the Coate Stone Circle could have had connections with Avebury Stone Circles and Stonehenge, but there is no evidence to support this theory.

Coate Stone Circle is located near the town of Swindon in England.

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