Stanton Drew Stone Circles and Cove

Stanton Drew Stone Circles is considered to be one of the largest Neolithic monument to have been built in Britain. The monument was built about 4,500 years ago.

Although being the third largest complex of standing stones in England, the site doesn't receive the same level of interest and exploration as the more famous stone circles at Avebury and Stonehenge.

In 1740 the site was surveyed by the antiquarian John Wood, who suggested the layout was based on the Pythagorean planetary system of worlds. According to this theory, the number and position of the stones correspond to the solar, lunar and earth cycles.

Astronomical alignments and ley lines are common theories to explain the positioning of the stones at Stanton Drew. However, recent surveys have revealed that the circles and cove were part of a much more elaborate and important ritual site than had previously been imagined.

The Cove is a group of three large stones located in the garden of the village pub. It has been shown to be around 1000 years older than the stone circles.

Stanton Drew Stone Circles and Cove is located in the village of Stanton Drew in England.

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