Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the most famous Inca site in Peru. It's located in the Peruvian Andes on a 2,430 meter mountain ridge, between the two mountains known as Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu. Despite the location, the Incas managed to construct a mesmerizing citadel with locally available materials such as limestone and granite.

Machu Picchu was built over earthquake faults which suggests that large amounts of fractured stones were readily available for the construction of the citadel. The stones were cut precisely and wedged close together in jigsaw like patterns to prevent the buildings to fall apart during the earthquakes.

More than 600 terraces were built to prevent landslides and erosion. They were layered with stone chips, sand, dirt and topsoil to absorb water and prevent it from running down the mountain.

The Incas never used wheels to transport the heavy stones, many of them weighing more than 50 pounds. probably due to the steep terrain and dense vegetation.

Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it attracts visitors from all over the world. It's located near the town of Aguas Calientes also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo.

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