Is Adam's Grave the grave of a giant?

Adam's Grave is the remains of a Neolithic chambered long barrow in the county of Wiltshire. In the Anglo-Saxon period it was known as Woden's Barrow.

The barrow survives as an earthwork and is trapezoidal in plan. It consisted of a chamber made of large sarsen stones covered by an earth mound. The arrangement of stones around the barrow suggests there was once a kerb. These stones are known as "Old Adam" and "Little Eve" and are located near the original entrance to the barrow.

The barrow was partially excavated in 1860, revealing partial human skeletons and an arrowhead.

Legend has it that the barrow is the grave of a giant whose ghost has been reported.

Adam's Grave is located on Walker's Hill near the village of Alton Barnes in England.

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