What is so special about Glastonbury Tor?

Glastonbury Tor is certainly one of the most iconic ancient sites in England. It's a hill with a 14th century tower on its top which is all that remains of St. Michael's Church.

Glastonbury Tor is a conical hill that rises 158m above the Avalon Marshes. Its peculiar shape is due to a combination of the unusual geology and the distinctive terraces surrounding the hill. The top of the hill is formed from a succession of rocks assigned to the Bridport Sand Formation. These rocks sit upon clay and limestones deposited during the early Jurassic Period.

Geologists haven't found a plausible explanation on how the Tor has survived the erosion of the land around it, but it's believed that a nearby natural spring known as Chalice Well could have helped to prevent it. Chalice Well is an ancient spring nestled at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor. The spring flows from the ground and contains high levels of iron, which colours the water red . This water could have hardened an area of rocks, making them resistant to erosion over a course of millions of years,

The purpose of the terraces remains a mystery. It has been suggested that they were created for agricultural purposes by the Neolithic people. Another acceptable explanation is that they may have been formed as a result of natural differentiation of the layers of the Lias stone and clay.

The Tor has been surrounded by myths for hundreds of years. One of these myths is that beneath the hill is a hidden cave which contains the underworld of Annwn, inhabited by fairies and led by King Gwyn ab Nudd.

Glastonbury lies on the path of St. Michael Ley Line and St. Mary Ley Line. These ley lines intersect in three places around that area. One of these spots is Glastonbury Tor. It's believed that if you stand on these spots, you can feel the earth's energy.

Glastonbury Tor is certainly a special place to visit and should be on anyone's list. It offers stunning views across the Somerset Levels and it's the perfect location to watch the sunset and sunrise.

The Tor is located on the outskirts of the town of Glastonbury in Somerset.

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