Ruinas de Todos Santos

The archaeological site of "Todos Santos" was discovered in 1972 during the excavations for the construction of a house. It consists of a complex of stone buildings constructed in different periods of time by different cultures: the indigenous Canari, the Incas and the Spanish conquistadors.

The structure with limestone walls was constructed by the Canaris between 750 AD and 1463 AD for the purpose of housing.

The Inca wall with trapezoidal niches and lintels was built between 1463 AD and 1533 AD for military purposes. A system of aqueducts was also unearthed.

The stone mills were built by the Spanish conquistadors between 1533 AD and 1822 AD for the purpose of grains productions. They also built an aqueduct to provide water for the mills.

It's unclear if these different cultures interacted with each other at some point in history.

The site of Ruinas de Todos Santos is located in the city of Cuenca in Ecuador.

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