Cerrig Duon Complex

The Cerrig Duon Complex consists of a stone circle, stone rows, a standing stone and an arrangement of stones. These monuments date back to the Bronze Age period (between 2500 - 800 BC) and probably were part of a ceremonial site.
The stone circle comprises 20 stones that rise to no more than 0.6m in height.
There are two stone rows nearby the stone circle but it can be very difficult to see them because of their size.
The Maen Mawr Standing Stone is the largest stone of the complex. This stone aligns with other two small stones. Some people suggest that Maen Mawr acts like the gnomon of a sundial, projecting a shadow that aligns with the small stones on midsummer day.
The Compass Stones are an arrangement of stones not very far from the stone circle. The high points of the stones are aligned to the cardinal points. Some people believe that this could have been a cairn.
The Cerrig Duon Complex is located in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

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