Dovedale in the Peak District

Dovedale is a limestone valley famous for its interesting rock formations. The rock formations are the result of fossilised remains of sea creatures that lived in a shallow sea over the area during the Carboniferous period, about 350 million years ago. The rocks were cut into craggy shapes by glacial meltwater during the two ice ages and formed the landscape we see in these days.

The caves in the area were also formed during that period of time and used as shelters by hunters around 13,000 BCE. Dovedale has seen continuous human activity since. Neolithic people used the caves as tombs around 4,500 years ago. Vikings also settled in the area around 800 CE.

The most famous rock formations at Dovedale are the Reynard's Cave and the Ilam Rock, but there are several more to be seen along the valley.

Dovedale is definitely one of the most visited natural sites in Britain and annually attracts a million visitors. It's located in the Peak District near the village of Ilam in England.

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