Saint Govan's Chapel

Saint Govan's Chapel is a chapel built into the side of a limestone cliff with walls constructed from limestone. The chapel was built in the 13th century and it consists of two chambers, one in the front and one in the back. The building is accessible from the cliff top by climbing down a set of 52 stairs. Legend has it that if you count the steps down and up again, the number is never be the same.

Saint Govan was a hermit who lived in a small cave in the fissure of the cliff during the 6th century. The chapel was built over the cave to honour Saint Govan. The cave can still be seen from inside the chapel and it's also possible to see the imprint of Saint Govan's ribs upon the rock surface. It's believed that Saint Govan survived eating fresh fish and getting water from two nearby springs.

The chapel is located in the same area as the Green Bridge of Wales in the county of Pembrokeshire in Wales. Both attractions are located in a military training area. It's recommended to call the range in advance to check if the area is open to the public.

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