The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast in Southern England was formed during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, representing roughly 185 million years of geologic activity. At different times, this area has been desert and also shallow tropical sea and marsh.

Coastal erosion has exposed a continuous sequence of rock formations from these different periods of time. These rock formations include arches, pinnacles, stack rocks and caves. Fossilised remains of the various creatures that lived here have been preserved in the rocks.

The area around Lulworth Cove contains an interesting feature known as the Fossil Forest. The Fossil Forest is from the Jurassic period and consists of moulds of gymnosperms which died after being encased in sediment. It's the most complete fossilised record of a Jurassic forest in the world.

The Jurassic Coast stretches from Exmouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, covering a distance of about 96 miles.

The Old Harry Rocks are also part of the Jurassic Coast and are located at the very eastern end of this stunning landscape.

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