Hound Tor in Dartmoor

Hound Tor consist of a heavily weathered granite outcrop and it's one of the most famous attractions in Dartmoor National Park.

Being on the top of a hill, the views from Hound Tor are fantastic. According to a local legend the unusual rock formations were created when a pack of hounds were turned to stones by witches.

Not very far from the rock formations, lies a deserted medieval village known as Hundatora. The settlement consist of a cluster of stone longhouses which were built in the 13th century on land that was originally farmed in the Bronze Age.

There are a number of older remains of human occupation nearby. Outlines of medieval fields can be seen from the top of the tor. 

Hound Tor is easily accessible from the car park on the B3387 near the village of Widecombe-in-the-Moor in England.

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