Craig Rhos-y-Felin

Craig Rhos-y-Felin is a bluestone outcrop on the north side of the Preseli Mountains. Evidence suggests that this site was used as a quarry during the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods, around 4000 to 5000 years ago.

Craig Rhos-y-Felin is known for being one of the sites where some of the bluestones that form Stonehenge's inner horseshoe were quarried. But in fact, just one of these bluestones pillars were quarried here. The other site is known as Carn Goedog and it's where the majority of the bluestones were quarried.

Bluestone outcrops are formed of natural vertical pillars. These pillars can easily be extract off the rock face by opening up the vertical joints between each pillar. It's believed that the Neolithic people needed only to insert wedges into the joints between the pillars and then lower each pillar to the foot of the outcrop.

Craig Rhos-y-Felin is located near Crymych in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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